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     We are the reputed well established leading pharmaceautical company in Mumbai since 16 years in manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines & cosmetics in the name of Anandi Pharma & over 7 years in marketing field as Nirmal Ayur Life Pvt.Ltd.

     We are using effective herbs to treat various disorders without any side effect. Nirmal products are made in GMP certified unit & are FDA approved as well as tested and proven since 40 years. Our products are unique formulated medicine for best results and safe treatment based on ancient system of Ayurveda.

  • Globalization of ayurveda ,the ancient medical system in India.
  • Establish Nirmal as a safe health problem solution centre without any side effect.
  • Awareness of ayurvedic medicines to all age groups as well as all levels of society.
  • Result oriented herbal combinations to treat various types of diseases.

     Quality of every Ayurvedic product depends on the ingredients & ratio of constituents because Ayurvedic treatment is concerned with human nature i.e. Vata prakruti, Pitta prakruti & Kapha prakruti. Our team of qualified doctors in factory examine & study the efficiency of each of our drug preparation .Proven quality of products manufactured by us is the satisfaction of our customer and patients in clinical trials. Quality of Nirmal products ensures that benefits of ayurveda reaches to the customer in its purest form. The increasing awareness of herbal medicines in the whole World & advance technology in biotech industry are 2 major reasons of our success.

     We have our two GMP certified manufacturing units one is 25000 Sq.ft. at Vasai & the other is 40000 Sq.ft constructed area in 6 Acres at Wada .More than 150 trained manpower and advanced manufacturing set up ensure that we can provide Good quality medicines to our customers on various diseases.

     able to give positive results to the consumers. Nirmal's product range consist of more than 70 products using modern technology of manufacturing for better results. Apart from churna, kwath, wati, Nirmal provides new tablet,syrup,capsule,forms for the convenience of the consumer. These product are useful for digestive disturbances, diabetes, piles, cough & cold , female health problem, asthma and other various disorders.We have Rumacct Oil made from more than 100 medicinal herbs for joint pain, unique formulation of aloe vera, haldi & honey in Aloe cough syrup for cough & cold , Ashwatul-X for sexual problems of men, Aloe pulp juice containing natural fibres for complete health, Evasoul for female health problems, Pailotab for all types of piles and many more, which are successfully launched in pharmaceutical market. Every product has his own unique formulation and tested raw material for complete cure.

Nirmal's Free Medical Help Line 9 TO 9 Phone : 66144444 (100 Lines)

     We are developing entirely new market with our medical helpline made from 100 landline numbers. Managed by outfield doctors effective treatment to increase the general conditions of individuals is very much required. Beside range of excellent product we have this excellent service of in house ayurvedic doctors who provides the consultation & advice on various problems through this helpline.

     Indian pharmaceutical market currently stands 9th in the world market for pharmaceuticals with 1.5 % share. Current demand in the market is at an annual rate of 15 to 20 %. As per latest market research report there has been dramatic growth in Ayurvedic pharmaceutical market in India during last 2 decade. According to world bank the global market for medicinal plants & products includes the potential sectors of pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics & Agro-chemicals and India has enormous resources of medicinal plants. India is a heaven for 8000 medicinal plants.

     Since this traditional knowledge of Ayurveda & its applications to cure is not available to other countries ,India could gain very significant competitive edge in global market of Ayurvedic pharma industries.

     India's Ayurvedic pharmaceutical market will offer many opportunities for foreign pharmaceutical companies in future. Average per capital expenditure pharma in India is less than other countries due to price control & alternative medicines like Ayurveda.

     Other countries are also recognizing the importance of herbal products. There are more than 30 ayurvedic companies doing million dollar per year in business to meet the growing demand of Ayurvedic medicines. Total export earning of Ayurvedic medicines is 5000 crores till 2006. So, "Herbal Revolution" by India is just waiting to happen.