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Nirmal Ayur Life Best Offers and New Launches

Attractive Free Massager with Urvashi Oil and Urvashi Capsule 3 Months Course Pack.
Nirmal Urvashi Capsule and Oil for women is excellent Ayurvedic Oil to improve muscle growth and toning of muscles around Brest. It is the safest medicine for all age groups. Many girls with lower body weight has problem of underdeveloped muscle. Womens after delivery always get problem of looseness in muscles . Urvashi is tested and proven medicine from last 10 years. With huge satisfied customers. Nirmal Ayur Life is offering free attractive massager with 3 months pack of Rs. 1800/- INR which is helpful to get fast result.

Nirmal Musli Plus Capsule made from Welknown herb Musli for weakness in men available in very economical price Range
Everybody knows Safed Musli is a very expensive and rare herb . Only Nirmal Ayur Life PVT Ltd has inouse powdering plant with advanced pulverizer to ensure the quality of powder. Supervision of Ayurvedic Doctors in selection of whole herb and manufacturing process makes medicines most effective. Nirmal Musli Plus is the only capsule containing maximum quantity of high quality Safed musli herb available in very affordable price.
30 Capsules Pack - For Rs. 700/-
60 Capsules Pack - For Rs.900/-
90 Capsules Pack - For Rs.1200/-

Nirmal Stretchguard Oil with selected herbs launched after successful trials for stretch marks in Pregnancy , Post Delivery and while losing weight.
Every women is in search of oil which can be useful to remove stretch marks in pregnancy when skin gets stretched due to weight of baby. Similarly sudden weight loss with heavy exercise or chronic disease forms stretch marks in fat accumulated regions like arms, thighs, shoulder and sometimes over abdomen. Nirmal Stretchguard is pure herbal oil made from Ayurvedic herbs gives tonning to lose muscles and improves colour of stretch marks. This oil can be used from 5th month of pregnancy to provide elasticity to abdominal skin in women which is helpful to form less strtchmarks. It is available at Rs.180/- for 100 ml.